We live in a country where the wildlife is as diverse as our people. Snakes also make up part of this diversity, and we have harmless snakes, as well as a small percentage of potentially dangerous venomous snakes.


It is very important that we promote their conservation as they play an important role in our ecological system, by helping to control the population of mice, rats, frogs and geckos. Snakes also serve as a food source to a variety of other animals as well.


Another reason for protecting snakes is because of their contribution to medical science. Recent medical research reveals that snake venom is now being used to treat certain types of cancer as well as heart attack and stroke victims. This is a major breakthrough for medical science. More groundbreaking treatments could be discovered in the future as the study of snake venom is still in its early stages.


Coincidentally, the international medical symbol and the symbol for healthcare, contains a serpent and in some cases two, within the logo as seen on ambulances, in hospitals, etc.