Snake Removal

Customers can call upon us to assist in the removal of problems snakes in their houses, offices, cars or any other place that snakes are not welcome. We kindly ask our customers to watch the snake from a safe distance until we get there. Callouts are charged at specific rates depending on the area and also the time. We urge the public not to attempt to handle snakes as depending on the species, a bite may prove fatal.


Snake Control Solutions

We offer a snake control solution whereby a quality, field tested snake repellent is applied around properties like schools, houses, hotels, lodges or any area where snakes are not welcome. The product is effective for one month and has to be re-applied thereafter. This product has been tested over a number of years and is the world’s first eco friendly snake repellent. It has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and used in many of their establishments as well. This repellent is a clear, non staining solution that is eco friendly and does not harm animals in any way. Snakes simply do not like the smell, and turn around and move away from it. Discounts are offered for annual contract customers.


Educational Talks and Demonstrations

We offer educational snake talks and demonstrations at schools, malls, companies, functions or to anyone who is interested in learning more about snakes and their behavior. This fun filled service includes interaction by the participants with harmless and tame non venomous snakes from corn snakes, to boa’s and pythons. A question and answer session is included where participants can have their snake related questions answered, and put their minds at ease and more importantly expel myths and superstitions that surround snakes. A photo service can also be included where participants can have their pictures taken with one of the animals and printed immediately in full colour. Proceeds are used to house, feed and care for these animals.


Snake Identification, Bite Treatment  and handling courses.

We offer basic snake identification and bite treatment courses which are targeted at companies and individuals who are conservation minded, or whose staff come across snakes on a regular basis. These courses include full colour courseware, which staff can keep and refer to when need be.


Pet Snakes

We breed and sell an array of snakes to the pet industry. These animals are strictly captive bred, in good health and feeding well before being sold. We also provide our customers with continued after sales service and husbandry advice for the well being of these animals so that you can enjoy your precious pet for years to come.


Snake handling equipment and accessories

We import and retail only the best snake handling equipment such as hooks, tongs, tubes and other related products. We believe that our customer’s safety is of the utmost importance and that they should feel confident when handling venomous snakes and use only the best equipment available on the market today.  We are proud to be associated with world famous brands such as Midwest, Pro exotics, Squamata concepts amongst others whose products have been thoroughly tested by herpetologists around the world.