“For Goodness Snakes” is a company that specializes in the conservation, captive breeding and the educational aspect of reptiles concentrating more on snakes.


One of our goals is to educate the public on how to positively identify snakes and promote their conservation thus creating awareness in regards to these mysterious and elusive animals.


Myths, fallacies and superstitions that have been passed down from generation to generation have created an irrational fear of these animals. We are here to help break this fear by educating people in a factual manner.


We believe that no human being is born with a fear of snakes, reptiles or anything else for that matter, and that fear is an emotion that is taught, however with proper understanding, fear can easily be overcome.

About Us

School children handling a Burmese python with Rishaad.

Staff at a company handle a Burmese python during a snake ID and bite treatment course.